What's in a name? When I was young, I would say "my name is Erik", because my parents told me I had a label. Nowadays, I say "I am Erik", because what I do accumulates into who I am.

I make handcrafted software.  In 10 years, I've written code from Web to Mobile, .Net to iOS, and I've always focused on perpetual learning.  I strive to be user-centered in my work, active in my community, and big in my dreams. I use this site to share some of my perspectives and work and you can use it to contact me.


I work at LiveTiles, leading the team building the core product in Microsoft web technology, based out of Tri-Cities, WA.


I write on web & mobile technology, my projects, and my community on my blog .Append().


I am a co-founder at Fuse Coworking and Tri-Cities Launch, building the Tri-Cities, WA Startup Community.

Game Camp

I spent some time teaching kids to code using the Unity game engine. I have put all of the 5-day "Game Camp" materials on this site.

Open Source

I've tinkered a lot on Github and in bite-size form on GitHub Gists.