Game Camp

Welcome to Game Camp!

These pages will take you on a journey from beginner to game maker with Unity 5, the world's leading game engine. This course was designed for middle schoolers with a desire to learn how to build games. This course was originallypresented as part of WSU STEM Camp 2015 as the course "Unlock the Code Behind Gaming".

This material is freely available and able to be used stand-alone for intrepid young Tri-Citizens who wish to dive into gaming. It is based on the experiences of the original "Super Awesome Happy Fun Friends" and expanded upon here into a single set of lessons that will take you from game programming n00b to novice.

The five day camp starts of slowly, covering the history of games and transitions into a set of four days where students build their own 2D platforming game (think Mario!) using Unity3D, C#, MonoDevelop, and their growing understanding of how games work. The course covers:

We do hope to revise and expand the class as required by participants. If you find a problem, need a clarification, or want to know more about the class, please visit the Contact page to send us e-mail.