UX Myths & Scrolling

I was in a meeting today at work and someone repeated an old web design addage:

"People don't scroll"

There are people who beg to disagree, but I don't count myself entirely as one of them.  I have been on one end of this conversation:

"I can't find it! Where is it?!"

"Did you try scrolling down, it's in the footer"

"Oh...there it is"

But that was always with a web neophyte, generally someone who is older and less experienced with computers.  As the web ages, there are now people who have never not had a scrollwheel on their mouse.  There was a even time where Apple was a hold out, but times have changed.  I suppose we'll keep building for non-scrollers at work, but if you're building a web page for the world, don't worry about it.  Worry more about economizing vertical space, worry about how you're going to deal with variable widths.