The Highly Official and Totally Binding Constitution of .append()

I have a particular approach to starting projects.  I like to make mission statements and goals, try to articulate meaning, and over-analyze desired outcomes.  This blog is no different.  In keeping this blog I will strive to...

Harness humor and insight to open source my personal cultivation of knowledge around design & programming

In addition to promising to spell and grammar check my thoughts, I also hope to:

  • Be fun!  I'm not writing a textbook (though, if I discover through this process it comes naturally, perhaps a career change)
  • Be professional, remember, the internet is watching!
  • Spread relevant ideas to like-minded and similarly-situated professionals
  • Flex my design muscle in a public platform that encourages critique
  • Keep a history for myself of unique and helpful ideas on the web

Yes, learning and fun, together!  Add in some explosions and I'm one beret short of Mythbusters