Reasons People Don't Make Things Usable

Here's my top ten list of reasons people don't make things as usable as they should:

10) They don't know how to design AND test for usability, so they decide to do neither
9) They are antisocial and think more users = more people who will want to talk to them
8) They don't care about the user past the cash register
7) They have realized the evils of materialism and have let go of wordly concepts like making money
6) They think it is too expensive
5) Wishing to retire, they need a way to drive away all the customers
4) They fail to budget time for usability design and/or testing
3) They're just trying to get a product out the door in time for the next .com bubble
2) They think usability means only usability testing...and they're already doing sooo much testing
1) They've been designing/making/managing software for X years, and they never 'needed' it before now