Overcoming Professional Fear

At my work, I get to work on a lot of projects; unfortunately, virtually none of them are public.  I have many of which I am proud, but the only one I have to share isn't so interesting.  It makes me nervous to share it.  Why?  Because of my talented friends.

The public site is a web-based tool for reviewing documents that describe residential energy efficiency standards.  It's built in PHP using vBulletin, a popular web forum, as a base and applying the green branding of Building Performance Institute's homepage, the company which will be using the tool.  It has some pretty cool back-office features with lots of interactive jQuery that were added to the forums.  However, in its public face, it appears to be mundane and uninspired web forums that I've simply turned green.

The irrational and insecure parts of my brain do cry out to keep it secret.  Compared to the public works of my DocType cohorts, it's downright bland.  What if they think it's no good?  What if What if they judge me?  What if they stop hanging out with me?  It's easy for anyone who practices an art to brood on such thoughts; however, I know sharing is what makes for better artists.  For instance, the base vBulletin pages were retrofitted for a more pleasant mobile experience via CSS3 Media Queries.  I was introduced to techniques in them by Eric Zanol, a DocTypist who chose to share what he could instead of hide from judgement.

So, as an example to everyone who's ever done something mediocre, either too little ability or too much coercion, and needs encouragement to overcome professional fear, I give you...

The Building Performance Institute Public Comment Tool

There, wasn't that easy!