Every New Beginning

I am very excited to announce I am joining the newly formed US branch of Addisolv right here in Richland, WA. I will be ending my time at PNNL, which had done me the infinite favor of first challenging me in web development, in January and starting at Addisolv in February. I will still be in Richland and still working in web devlelopment; still writing code, but also writing a new chapter in my career.

This would not have been possible without the serendipity engine created by DocType Society. It was at November's meeting that I first I met Kenn Petersen, a multi-talented Dane who is both CEO at CleanVantage as well as working as the US mastermind for Addisolv, who was hoping Richland had some talented .Net developers willing to make the leap to build something new. Happily, it seems I fit the bill.

Of course, it is the responsibility of any early employee to realize something: I'm the worst employee my company will hopefully ever have. I first read about this idea in the Valve company handbook and it goes something like this: when interviewing someone, you must search for someone so skilled that you not only fear they are better than you, but consider it a prerequisite for taking the job. As a pyramid of superior folks takes off above you, you come to realize: I'm the worst we've ever had, Fantastic!

I'd like to thank my family for supporting me in this new venture, my wife and oldest daughter are very excited (younger daughters still perturbed as usual that Daddy is not a useless layabout able to play all day). I would also like to thank my friends in the Binary Basin who inspired me to think bigger, embrace change, and realize "solid retirement package" is not a synonym for "happiness".