Don't Wait Forever

Most people think planning is a virtue.  If they wait long enough, surely the moment they are "ready" will coincide with the moment that is "best".  I tried to wait and plan for my kids as much as possible, but in the end it wasn't entirely up to me - which is probably all for the best.  While consideration can keep us from jumping into shark-infested waters, too much could mean starving on the beach without any fish.

I'm the son of old parents.  By the time I was born, my mom was only 30, but my dad was in his late 40s.  Since my dad was in the Army at the time, I understand they had a lot of travelling that wasn't conducive to child-rearing.  I don't want to condemn them for logistical decisions that ultimately led to great things like my fully-funded higher education; however, it did mean growing up with my parents on the other side of a great and alienating temporal divide.

Let me frame it for you this way: when it came to music, I liked Metallica.  They preferred tracks that predated the proliferation of electric guitars.

Your chosen timing will always have some trade-off and will never guarantee against all disasters.  As an analytical mind might be able to comprehend, the type prone to analysis paralysis, the equation of life is so complex that there is no universally optimal solution.  Thus, many possible random inputs can give the same output as your best laid plans.  If it's mostly a die roll anyway, then you only need so much time to study the numbers.

I certainly suggest you should complete your education and start your career, particularly young women who might otherwise be pressed too early in life into child-rearing.  Be responsible, but don't wait breathlessly for this unreachable concept of "Ready".  You can't shield your children from every struggle. Sometimes seeing yours will mean they have a role-model, someone who can show them how to swim somewhere other than the calm and clear waters.

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