Copy From One... (Pt. 2 - Usability)

The research continues on topic for TriConf.  I've covered Typography pretty well, so now I'm compiling Usability & User Experience topics.  

For the most part, my foundation was setup back in college in my Human-Computer Interactions class with Chris Hundhausen.  That had some important firsts, like introducing me to the proper lexicon for Usability and making my first UI-oriented application (up until then, we used this archaic thing called a "Command Line").  I'll try to replicate some of the foundational approach there, since I think Chris took a good route and it's my only reference for actually teaching people Usability.

Once interesting, but likely useless, tidbit is my recent viewing of Objectified.  The documentay is really about industrial design, but it's really the cinematic equivalent of reading  The Design of Everyday Things and extrapolating the general mindset into engineering software.  Hard to tell how that applies, like trying to work Helvetica (the movie, made by the same guy) into my Typography material.  I know the TriConf poster instructs us to share our passions, but what about our endless obsessions.

Useful articles

UxMythsUseItUsabilityFirstSmashing Magazine - Article Tagged UsabilityA List Apart / Design / User Interface Design

Cool Stuff With Scrolling

There's been an interesting trend in sites that harness scrolling.  The DocType twitter crowd has pulled up, more than once, a cool site about an iPhone app, but I just can't find it.  Here are two others:

Nike Better World


They beg for inclusion somehow, somewhere.