Copy From One... (Pt 1)

It's Plagiarism...copy from two, it's research.

I'm working on material for TriConf in these areas:

  • General Usability
  • Web Typography
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • CSS

No idea if it will all be used at the conference, but walking in with a lot of content in my backpocket seems like a good idea.  Working on Web Typography tonight, here are the links I've been looking into:

Web Typography

General: Fighting the FOUT, Example CSS Poster, Web Typographic Style, Smashing Magazine Rundown of Techniques, A List Apart / Design / TypographyFont Squirrel

CSS Typography: A rundown of CSS capabilities for typography, Better Font Stacks, TypeChart - Boilerplate Typesettings with typefaces

JavaScript Libraries: FOUT-Be-GoneLettering.js, FitText.js

WebFont Hosts: Google Web Fonts, Kernest, TypeKit, FontDeck