Be the Visionary


  1. A person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like
  2. Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom

My second career objective at work is to build a signature capabilty as a usability-focused front-end developer.  While advancing technical expertise for myself and colleagues, I will emphasize user-oriented thinking in design, aesthetic, and process.  Seek out opportunities to build customer-facing solutions.  More than just making a name for myself as an expert in usability and front-end development, I must make the case for “interface-as-product” thinking. 

Software is made to serve people, people can only see the interface, thus if we need to optimize the quality of service, we must optimize the quality of interface.  Unfortunately, internal software is often created like a Junkyard Wars contraption.  Minimal functionality with all the bare parts showing, made by someone who's technically skilled, but not paid to perfect and refine the design.  

I doubt a car maker would ever sell a bare chassis and motor, claiming that it meets the minimal requirements with "no show stoppers".  While I don't think every piece of software needs the equivalent of leather seats, I do think the upholstery, body panels, and paint play a role in whether or not the customer buys and whether or not the customer is happy afterward.