Be the Verge


  1. To come close to or be in transition to some state or quality
  2. The edge, rim, or margin of something

At work we have a lot of people that do a lot of things, plus outside of work I know many vibrant professionals who have taught me a lot.  Going forward, a trademark of what I do will be working to create and sustain communities, within work and beyond.  I've been trying to spread the idea of spreading ideas diligently, but there can be some resistance.

Most undervalue it.  For instance, my co-worker who works on integrating AutoDesk Mapguide with .Net technology.  He has so little to work with when he Googles that he often browses through documents in other languages in hopes that the code they contain might be decipherable out of context to fix his problem.  I can understand his fear of putting a spotlight on himself, where he's just as likely to be boring or mistaken as he is to be brilliant, but he has to at least start lighting candles so others can see him in the darkness.

It's very easy to forget that we each have something to share and sometimes need to just start sharing until insight falls out of it.  Shotgun philosophy, if you will.  I'm going to push to let go of sheepishness around the idea that I might be boring the audience and remember that if I do lose them, it's only because I'm competing with the great invention for manufacturing distraction ever: The Internet.