Be the Vanguard

When building my annual goals this year, I came up with three words to described my professional direction: Vanguard, Visionary, and Verge.  I must admit that my choice in alliteration immediately reminded me of everyone's favorite anarchist vigilante, but I really got on a roll with it.  Find below the first of three mission statements on how I chose to triangulate my professional course:


  1. The foremost division or the front part of an army
  2. The forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like

This first of mission statements covers channeling my energy into innovating in my work, renewing my will to learn, keeping to the forefront of my peers, and being recognized for it.  It sounds simple, but unless you keep the mindset, you'll turn into a minnow when you need to be a Great White.

Great whites never stop moving, not from wanderlust, but necessesity.  If they stop, they die.  Likewise, if a programmer stops moving forward, their career can lose the vital oxygen it needs: learning and doing new things.  You need to internalize the need to keep swimming because your next meal is somewhere else in the ocean.

I'd also say that Great Whites have a lot of teeth and it's important to always have a lot of tools at your disposal, but perhaps another time.