99 Problems and .Net is One

Back in .Net WebForms, where I remain trapped at work, they took great pains to hide the harsher realities of HTML from the developer.  They provide excellent tools and solve a lot of common problems, but they also sow codependence on the part of developers.  I've always pinned it on the framework being originally developed for and by Windows developers.

Injecting customization, particularly as JavaScript, can be very hit and miss.  For instance, data sitting in the standard boring table can be easily zazzed up by jQuery plug-ins likejqGrid or DataTables, which I've harnessed on other project to great effect.  Unfortunately, .Net's DataGrid control, which abstracts the concept of an HTML table, makes a total Ned Stark out of the standard table (it cuts off the thead).

One of the easier ways to handle it, is to craft a jQuery plug-in to adapt the HTML before feeding it into the real plug-in.  It's rather simple to make a plug-in that re-appropriates the first row of a DataGrid into a new thead, certainly less time-consuming than rewriting .Net controls.  Thankfully, the future (known to many as "the present") of .Net is built on cold hard reality.