TriConf 2013

This summer's adventures around the world were exciting, but my favorite perennial adventure is found right right here in Tri-Cities, at a little event that is nothing more than chairs, ears, and experience... 

TriConf is hard to explain.

I could tell you the "Who" (the Tri-Cities creative community) or the "What" (a loosely structured conference by the attendees and for the attendees), but neither of those aspects capture what it is about. My third year in and I still don't quite know how to explain it to people.

I try to say something like: You listen to awesome people talk about awesome things, so you can be better at work and happier in life.

Always sounds like: Join the cult, the Kool-Aid's delicious.

TriConf is unforgettable. 

Year-over-year, TriConf is becoming less about sharing knowledge and more about something deeper. 

In just a few short weeks since, I may already be turning fuzzy on the details about WebRTC or Functional Reactive Programming, but that's why I have the TriConf 2013 Vimeo Channel. I do think the domains of personal and professional are very blurry at this point, but in the greatest way possible. I admit that the content of the stories of struggle and vulnerability are slipping away, but the courage from them and the admiration for people who shared them only grows.

TriConf's permanent effect can be explained...

People will forget what you said.

People will forget what you did.

But people will never forget how  you made them feel.

- Maya Angelou

And in that respect, TriConf is unforgettable.

PS: Shortly after TriConf I was emboldened to write a very personal Pot Luck post to similarly share my vulnerability about being a young father-by-choice. After my wife, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and oldest daughter read it, through streaming tears in some cases, I realized that TriConf's unlocking of courage and expression through vulnerability is not just for a deeper sense of belonging in a community, but something that can powerfully reach and ripple beyond one weekend in a little library.