What Would You Say Ya Do Here?

Since starting at Addisolv I've received a lot of questions that go something like this:

So What Do You Do at "Addisolv"?


So What Does Addisolv Do?

A cynical answer might be...

Microsoft Web Mercenary

I produce web applications using Microsoft .Net, in popular CMS platforms such as Umbraco, Sitecore, and Kentico. In the day-to-day, I will be working to prepare the CMS for customer content, then implementing data integration with JavaScript, C#, and SQL.

But doesn't lack all romance?

Undoubtedly, parts of the readership stopped in the last paragraph. Either because their Python-loving retinas were seared by the word "Microsoft" or because the banal facts of my job just don't express what I do in a way that makes them care.  An alternative way to say what I do might be...

I Help Businesses Live on the Web

I apply my expertise to produce an interactive, living experience for people, helping spread a business' message across the web. In the loftiest of terms, Addisolv tries to turn one person's sales pitch into another person's adventure.

Maybe my words aren't perfectly descriptive (yet), but it hopefully captures a universal point for all companies: your efforts are often boring, but the aspiration of those efforts should inspire. A business should be more than a legal fence around a pile of money, both the ones you work for and the one that you're in. Start speaking like it.