GotThatGame.Com: Compare Your Steam Games With Friends

Recently I had a LAN party with friends. That's right: a router, a rat's nest of cables, and clicking. We kept coming back to one question...

What Should We Play?

It was a question that usually spawned a few minutes of shouting out games, then ultimately falling back to a handful of stalwarts when we realized we each have managed to accumulate hundreds of games and would rather play than pick through them to find what we had in common.

Since most of our games are on Steam, and that means it's all stored in some cloud somewhere, it should be possible to compare collections automatically. After 15 minutes of Googling and finding nothing, and having been primed by $100 Startup to listen for people's needs, I set off to build what has been dubbed:

Compare Games, Instantly! enables you to find your Steam profile, via browsing by friendly name or logging in with your Steam ID. It then automatically loads up your friends and games. Just click on one or more friends and it will automatically load their collections and rank your common games. You can hover over the game list to see who has each game and who might need to think about buying a copy.

As of today, it's an MVP that fulfills its basic purpose: finding games to play right now. It could be a little prettier, it could be a little more robust, but it's useful now and I'm gonna put it out there and see what people think.

In the future, I'm considering features like shareable comparisons with social integration to help spread the word and the ability to rank games by how much it would cost to get everyone a copy (rather than just by commonality right now). I hope to get other good ideas on how to harness Steam's data to make gamer's lives a little easier.

Give It a Try

If you're a gamer, or know a gamer, with a Steam game collection, please head over to and try it out. You can share feedback by commenting on this post or mentioning the @GotThatGameApp on Twitter. Let me know if it worked for you, what might not have worked so well, and how I can make it better.